Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tips for Everyday Wear and Use of Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a system of clear braces that has changed the way people think about getting straight teeth. If you’re currently using Invisalign®, Dr. Chadkewicz offers some tips for how to best take care of and get the most out of clear aligner therapy:

Never put your aligner down anywhere other than its case – You might have heard stories when you were younger, about kids setting their retainers down on napkins next to their lunch and then accidentally throwing their retainer away. It’s possible to do the same with your Invisalign® aligner tray, as it needs to be removed prior to eating. Be sure to always place your aligners in their case when removing them for any reason.

Thoroughly brush your teeth before putting the tray back in – Because the aligner trays hug your teeth so snugly, it’s easy for particles of food to become trapped on teeth’s surfaces or in between teeth for longer amounts of time when your aligner is holding them in. Be sure to do a good job of brushing and flossing your teeth before you pop your aligners in.

Brush your aligners gently, if needed – If your aligners need cleaning for any reason, you can clean them gently with a toothbrush, but be sure not to use toothpaste, as it’s too abrasive and can damage your aligners. You can also splash your aligners with mouthwash to freshen them up.

Wear it the recommended hours per day – Invisalign® can only do its job when you wear the aligners the recommended 22 hours per day. If you’re not diligent about wearing your aligners as often as possible, you may not see ideal final results from treatment.

Invisalign® makes getting a straighter smile comfortable and discreet. If you considering getting Invisalign® in Sorrento Valley, contact Dr. Chadkewicz for more information about starting off with clear braces and how you can take care of them every day for best results.

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